Welcome to the BSPK | Bureau


Expertly sewn corporate uniforms are our craft

At the BSPK | Bureau, creating high-quality, stylish corporate clothing is what we do best.

We bring the art of bespoke business clothing to brands who believe in making quality first impressions.

40 years of experience and energy are stitched into every seam of our enterprise.

Welcome to top-drawer tailoring.

We are the BSPK | Bureau.

Our History

For 40 years we have been sewing together stylish, high-quality, custom-made corporate clothing right here in Australia.

We work out of the same Sydney enterprise our family used in the mid-80s, making it the country’s oldest-running shirt factory.

Attention to detail, second-to-none service and traditional made-to-measure techniques are delicately woven into every item we produce.

So, with expertise as our needle and our love of modern style our thread, we don’t just make, we create.